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Beaver hunting in Latvia

Beaver (Castor fiber) is the biggest rodent in Latvia. It’s population is quite extensive – officially their numbers are estimated around 90 thousand individuals. Beaver is a game animals and the hunting season is from August 1 till April 30. There is no requirement for special beaver hunting license as these animals are quite often considered as pest.

As hunters are responsible for damages done to forestry and agriculture, beaver is one of the biggest hunters’ enemies. Hunters have to hunt the animals, as well as bring down the dams made by the beaver and it is not an easy job! Beavers are hunted with dogs, with traps and also using firearms. Though hunting with firearms and dogs could be quite exciting, the most effective way to hunt the beaver is with traps. Beaver hunting requires experience, reaction, understanding of beaver behaviour, as well as patience.

As the beaver population is so big, there is a competition among the animals for the living space, so it is not uncommon that the hunted animals have fighting traces and injuries. The beavers have become so bold, that they even live very close to people, for example, in the center of Latvia’s capital Riga and near important roads.

Beavers were reintroduced in Latvia in 1927. Four individuals were brought to Latvia and released. The overpopulation of the animals was caused by the strickt conservation status protecting the animal in the past. Now their numbers have grown immensely and their population is creating considerable damages.


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