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Four Animals in One Go - Hunter's Story

Beaver (Castor fiber) hunting in Latvia is something that hunters love and hate at the same time. On the one hand it is a very interesting and challenging, but on the other hand - it's more like a job. As in many cases hunters are responsible for the damages done by this rodent, beaver hunting is more like a must.

Besides reducing the number of beavers hunters also have to bring down the beaver dams. There is no point in destroying the dam, if the beavers in the particular area are not being hunted, as it will take only a few days for these animals to build another dam.

A hunter from Latvia Līga has sent us a story about a very successful beaver hunt. December 17 and 18 a hunters club “Pociems” organized a beaver hunt. Besides that the hunters also were working to bring down the beaver dams in the ditches of their hunting area. Thanks to German hunting terrier Ringo, four beaver were driven out of den – three adult beavers and a small one. All three of the adult beavers weighed over 20 kg, the biggest was 24 kg.

For general information, during the hunting season of 2010/2011 on the whole 25118 beavers were harvested in Latvia. There are around 24 thousand hunters in our country.


Photo: L.Spandega
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