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28.12.2011. Author administrator

How To Fight Beaver Damages

The story goes… after long negotiations we succeeded in persuading on landowner to lease to our hunting club the hunting rights, but with one condition – to take care of the beavers damaging the property. In Latvia the hunting rights belong to the landowner, who can lease these rights to a hunting club. On the property the ditches had been made into a pond with a big beaver house in the middle. As we had the agreement with the owner, we did not have any time to waste.

Since autumn we tried to fight the beaver family living there by bringing down the dams, putting traps, waiting for the animals with a gun, but the rodent turned out to be cleverer than we were. The dams where rebuilt, traps avoided, hunters evaded. We only managed to get one young beaver in the trap.

So hunters from our club decided that enough was enough! Besides the landowner started to look at us with disbelief. Last Monday we all gathered to fight the beaver damages. All can be seen in a video.

Now we have to watch for the next step. As we didn’t get any animals, even with the dog, hopefully they are all gone somewhere else, but most probably they’ll start all over in a while nearby, but for the moment the land owner is happy.

Video here.


Author: Zigmārs Zaķis


Tags: beaver hunting


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