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16.04.2012. Author administrator

South Africa Tightens Rhino Hunting Rules

Illegal hunting leaves a negative impression on all legal hunters, and that is a practice that should be stopped at any cost. According to ABC News, South Africa says it is tightening hunting rules to try to combat illegal rhinoceros horn trading. They are implementing new rules to apply for the licence to hunt rhinos. Now hunters will have to provide proof of hunting experience, for example, membership in a hunting association, and a passport. That is necessary to make sure that in the foreign applicants' country there are sufficient laws against illegal rhino horn trading.

There are great concerns about hunters from Vietnam, for in many cases it has been impossible to determine if these hunters have the means for big-game hunting. Vietnam does not concern much about laws on importing rhino horns. In Vietnam many people believe the horns have medical qualities, so the poaching provides the horns for these purposes.

In 2011 in South Africa 448 rhinos were illegally killed, but this year already 171 animals have been poached. This is a record number that might as well increase.

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