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Spicy Invention Protects Dogs from Wolf Attacks 4

Sweden’s hunters are faced with a grave problem. In order to hunt moose they use their moose dogs. Dogs go out, find the moose, start to bark and the hunter can locate the animal, approach it and shoot it. But there are wolves in Sweden’s forests that have learned the easiest way to get their dinner. When the dog in the forests starts to bark the wolf knows it’s dinnertime. Many hunters have lost their dogs but they cannot fight the initial problem as wolf hunting have been banned in Sweden. So they have to use their imagination to protect their dogs.

The Local (Sweden’s News in English) have published a story about an invention how to protect moose dogs from wolf attack.

Body armour filled with flaming Indian spices mixed with anti-freeze is the latest invention to protect dogs from wolf attacks when hunting in the Swedish woods.

"The specific spice I will keep a secret, but it's supposed to be 300 times more spicy than Tabasco," hunter and hunting entrepreneur Calle Ekström told Swedish online hunting site Jakt & Jägare.

The protection consists of a modified version of the body armour for dogs currently used to protect against boar attacks. The spices are so hot, in fact, that Ekström has to use a face mask when preparing the messy substance.

To keep it from turning in to a bloc of ice during winter hunts, he mixes the spice with anti-freeze in a blender and then seals it in vacuum packed plastic pockets.

The pockets are then placed to cover the entire body of the dog for protection from every possible kind of attack.

They weren't allowed to try it on any captive wolves, but so far no dog wearing the 4995 kronor ($725) vest has been attacked in the wild.


Photo: L.Dombrovska


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