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30.10.2014. Author administrator

Hunting in Latvia

Latvia has long and well established hunting traditions. If in 1684 German authorities completely prohibited for local residents to hunt, then today thousands of hunters in Latvia consider hunting as a sport, leisure pastime, profession and even a way of life, because hunting is not about the shooting, but about appreciating nature and the things it has to yield.

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21.01.2014. Author World Exchange Hunt Club

Realize your hunting dream! 1

Dear hunters, fisherman, wildlife photographers and nature lovers, I am a chairman of non-profit organization World Exchange Hunt Club I would like to introduce our project for exchange hunts – .

30.05.2012. Author Latvijas Sportinga federācija

Latvian Gran Prix in Compak Sporting - 21st - 22nd July

Latvian Sporting Federation, Riga Shooting Center and "Purnavu muiža" would like to invite you to Compak Sporting LATVIAN PRIX 2012. Date and venue: July 21st - 22nd, Ropažu district, Latvia Shooting range: Riga Shooting Center Entry: Senior, Veteran, Super veteran - 85 Eur, Lady, Junior - 55 EUR Registration will be accepter till June 15th, 2012.

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16.05.2012. Author administrator

Elk with Their Young Ones Roam in the Forests 1

Every season is special for different occurances in nature. Spring is the time for young. In the forests of the Baltic states one can already meet a moose (elk) cow with the young. Estonian nature portal offers an interesting story about young moose. The elk calves born this year have already been seen in our forests since early May.

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10.05.2012. Author administrator

SWAROVSKI OPTIK holds its international photography competition again in 2012

The steady increase in the number of pictures submitted over the years highlights the growing popularity of SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s “Digiscoper of the Year” photography competition. This year is already the seventh time this competition has been held

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09.05.2012. Author administrator

Hug a Hunter!

Colorado (USA) sportsmen contribute more than 80 cents of every dollar spent on wildlife management. So if you love protecting Colorado and its natural beauty hug a hunter. This is a new campaign "Hug a Hunter!" of Wildlife Council in Colorado to educate the general public about the benefits of wildlife, wildlife management, and wildlife-related recreational opportunities in Colorado, specifically hunting and fishing.

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17.04.2012. Author administrator

Leaders of European Hunters Meet in Greece

Athens, 31 March 2012 – Representatives of the hunting world from 22 countries gathered in Athens, Greece for the 2012 FACE Members’ Meeting. Hosted by the Hellenic Hunters’ Confederation and their President Nicolas Papadodimas, the Members’ Meeting focuses on EU policy implementation and enhances exchange between FACE Members. The 2 day meeting covered a range of topics impacting on hunting in Europe.

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16.04.2012. Author administrator

South Africa Tightens Rhino Hunting Rules

Illegal hunting leaves a negative impression on all legal hunters, and that is a practice that should be stopped at any cost. According to ABC News, South Africa says it is tightening hunting rules to try to combat illegal rhinoceros horn trading. They are implementing new rules to apply for the licence to hunt rhinos. Now hunters will have to provide proof of hunting experience, for example, membership in a hunting association, and a passport. That is necessary to make sure that in the foreign applicants' country there are sufficient laws against illegal rhino horn trading.

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04.04.2012. Author administrator

Struggle between Black Stork and Pine Marten 370

Nature can provide beautiful and unbelievable moments. It is rare that we have a chance to witness these wonderful stories. Webpage has acquired a unique video of a violent struggle between black stork and pine marten.Pine martens are vicious predators that might attack a larger prey.

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22.02.2012. Author administrator

World Wetland Day

We did not know it, but it might be interesting, that 2 February each year is World Wetlands Day, marking the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea – the Ramsar Convention. FACE (Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation) explains that world Wetlands Day, coordinated by the Ramsar Secretariat puts the spotlight on the conservation and wise use of all wetlands.

Tags: wetlands, wise and sustainable use
24.01.2012. Author administrator

Expectations High for Coming Year 1

National Shooting Sports Federations (NSSF) informs about the results of 2012 SHOT Show. Energized by unprecedented sales nationwide, firearms industry professionals turned out in record numbers to NSSF's 2012 SHOT Show, and many made a point of saying "the best is yet to come." "It's a wonderful time to be in our industry," said Sandy Chisholm of handgun manufacturer North American Arms.

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18.01.2012. Author administrator

Are foxes killing hunters? 2

Hunters' multilingual internet portal has published a quite scary article on a disease that affects foxes and dogs and might be lethal to humans. We are winning the battle against rabies in Europe but fears are growing that foxes are spreading a new disease that is fatal to humans. The problem has now reached as far as Sweden and hunters and anyone else coming into contact with infected foxes won’t even know that they are diseased until 10-15 years later, by which time their internal organs are so damaged that up to 90% of patients die. The disease is called Aveolar echinococcosis in humans and is caused by an infection with the larval stage of Echinococcus multilocularis, an exotic tapeworm found principally in foxes and dogs.

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16.01.2012. Author administrator

Missouri Hunters Kill 239000 Deer During Firearms Season

If a hunting club in Latvia receive, for example, ten red deer licences, the hunters would be happy, as the whole hunting bag limit for 2011./2012 season is 8273 animals of total population of 43682 red deer. So reading that in the USA only in one state more than 200 thousand deer have been harvested on Latvian scale might seem unbelievable. According to news portal Missouri's (USA) Conservation Department says hunters took nearly 239,000 deer during the 2011-2012 firearms hunting season. Conservation officials said the season's total was up about 7,400 from last year, but roughly 13,000 below the 10-year average.

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09.01.2012. Author administrator

Spicy Invention Protects Dogs from Wolf Attacks 4

Sweden’s hunters are faced with a grave problem. In order to hunt moose they use their moose dogs. Dogs go out, find the moose, start to bark and the hunter can locate the animal, approach it and shoot it. But there are wolves in Sweden’s forests that have learned the easiest way to get their dinner. When the dog in the forests starts to bark the wolf knows it’s dinnertime. Many hunters have lost their dogs but they cannot fight the initial problem as wolf hunting have been banned in Sweden. So they have to use their imagination to protect their dogs. The Local (Sweden’s News in English) have published a story about an invention how to protect moose dogs from wolf attack. Body armour filled with flaming Indian spices mixed with anti-freeze is the latest invention to protect dogs from wolf attacks when hunting in the Swedish woods.

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04.01.2012. Author administrator

Bowhunting Combines Everything Great About Hunting

Bowhunting is illegal practice in Latvia at the moment, but the amendments to our Hunting Act have been on the table for a while. This is a rather emotional issue here in Latvia as many hunters believe that the only suitable weapon for killing animals in a hunt is a shotgun or a rifle. They believe that bowhunting could be cruel and make animals suffer. As there are no bowhunting traditions in Latvia we require opinion of people who have practiced this sport for a while and have some experience. Melissa Bachman, a professional hunter and a producer from the USA, has allowed us to use the material on her webpage to illustrate the essence of bowhunting. Here is her experience.

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02.01.2012. Author administrator

After Seven Years, Brits Work to Repeal Fox Hunting Ban

Fox hunting in Great Britain has been a very painful issue for the supporters of this activity. It has been seven years since Hunting Act of 2005 made it illegal for hunters to pursue foxes, deer, hares and mink with hounds. But it seems that things might change. According to Countryside Alliance Jim Paice MP, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, has claimed that the ban does not work. Jim Paice MP, Agriculture Minister, said: “The current law simply doesn’t work. I personally am in favour of hunting with dogs – and the Coalition Agreement clearly states that we will have a free vote on whether to repeal the Act when there is time in the Parliamentary calendar to do so.”

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28.12.2011. Author administrator

How To Fight Beaver Damages

The story goes… after long negotiations we succeeded in persuading on landowner to lease to our hunting club the hunting rights, but with one condition – to take care of the beavers damaging the property. In Latvia the hunting rights belong to the landowner, who can lease these rights to a hunting club. On the property the ditches had been made into a pond with a big beaver house in the middle. As we had the agreement with the owner, we did not have any time to waste. Since autumn we tried to fight the beaver family living there by bringing down the dams, putting traps, waiting for the animals with a gun, but the rodent turned out to be cleverer than we were. The dams where rebuilt, traps avoided, hunters evaded. We only managed to get one young beaver in the trap.

Tags: beaver hunting
20.12.2011. Author administrator

Four Animals in One Go - Hunter's Story

Beaver (Castor fiber) hunting in Latvia is something that hunters love and hate at the same time. On the one hand it is a very interesting and challenging, but on the other hand - it's more like a job. As in many cases hunters are responsible for the damages done by this rodent, beaver hunting is more like a must. Besides reducing the number of beavers hunters also have to bring down the beaver dams. There is no point in destroying the dam, if the beavers in the particular area are not being hunted, as it will take only a few days for these animals to build another dam. A hunter from Latvia Līga has sent us a story about a very successful beaver hunt. December 17 and 18 a hunters club “Pociems” organized a beaver hunt.

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14.12.2011. Author administrator

Wolf Situation in the EU

Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU (FACE) has worked a lot to convince the authorities that the hunter has to be the part of management of the wolf populations in the EU. Here is their point of view on this issue. Wolves are emotive creatures. The relationship between man and wolf is interwoven in our history and shrouded in myth. Hunted to extinction in many countries, they evoke a certain nostalgia for a lost wilderness.

Tags: wolf hunting, wolf population
12.12.2011. Author administrator

Lynx Edicions Announces the Launch of the HBW World Bird Photo Contest

Lynx Edicions, publisher of the Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW) and the Internet Bird Collection (IBC) has announced the launch of the First Edition of the HBW World Bird Photo Contest with valuable prizes for the winners, including a first prize of US$10,000. The competition opens on 7 December 2011 and closes on 26 March 2012. Images must be submitted online at Each participant can submit up to eight images, free of charge.

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