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galvanized sheet surface

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2017-05-19 04:55:25

galvanized sheet surface(1) surface structure features useNormal zinc flower (Z) after galvanizing is still under normal conditions, the zinc layer condensed from the general use of zinc flowers.(GZ) through the finishing machine on the galvanized sheet for finishing, the surface of the galvanized sheet of zinc flower is mainly used for color coated plate substrate used in the wide galvanized sheet.[url=]Bright annealed seamless stainless steel precision/url We Yongshun Xiang Jinlan galvanized sheet should have a good appearance, there is no harmful defects on the use of the product, such as no plating, holes, rupture and scum, more than plating, abrasion, chromic acid dirt, white rust Wait. Foreign standards on the specific appearance of the provisions are not very clear. Some specific defects should be specified in the contract when ordering. [url=]316 stainless steel sheet brushed metal texture[/url]application caseBuildings: roofs, walls, ventilation pipes, sinks, sewers, etc .;Container manufacturing: the production of oil containers and a variety of chemical raw materials barrels, industrial tanks, water tanks, military bullet boxes, gunpowder boxes, beer fermentation tanks, granaries, distribution cabinets, containers, fertilizer boxes, etc .[url=]7*7 Good Quality 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope[/url]Appliances Furniture: Washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning and vacuum cleaner backplane shell; wardrobe, table, bedside cabinet, file box, filing cabinets, bookshelves and other furniture;Car manufacturing: cars, trains and other vehicles of the shell and the internal structure, the ship's roof and partitions, etc.;Other: mechanical components, motor manufacturing shell, industrial and agricultural various chimneys, pipes, mechanized cold storage.[url=]chapas de acero inoxidable medidas[/url]