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Stainless steel tube manufacturer price space

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2017-08-04 06:02:55

Stainless steel tube manufacturer price spaceOverall, from the latest published national macroeconomic data, although the domestic crude steel production in June hit a record high, but due to domestic infrastructure, real estate and manufacturing and other downstream industries continue to grow steadily, the overall demand for steel is still The[url=]Vacuum Furnaces,Vacuum Brazing Furnace[/url]So at this stage the domestic stainless steel seamless tube inventory and social inventory did not appear cumulative, short-term supply of stainless steel pipe market supply pressure is still small, the domestic stainless steel pipe market to maintain tight supply and demand balance pattern. At the same time we also need to pay attention to some unfavorable disturbance factors.[url=]Alloy Round Bar Steel 4130 Hardness[/url]First, the export of tide hard to bring the domestic pressure to increase; Second, the country continued to high temperature weather led to the site steel demand gradually weakened; Third, the stainless steel pipe prices continued to rise after the market for high-priced resources to reduce the acceptance , Which led to turnover blocked.[url=]316L gold matt Coated Stainless Steel Sheet[/url]In this case, it is expected that short-term domestic stainless steel pipe prices are still strong higher, but the overall ascribed to the space or relatively limited.[url=]2B 200 Series brushed stainless steel sheet[/url]

2017-08-08 12:55:05

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