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Terms of Use

General Terms of Use for Portal

General Information

(1) by registering on (hereinafter - Portal), you agree to those terms described in the following General terms and conditions (hereinafter - Regulations) and undertake to respect the Regulations.

(2) Regulations are available for the users and can be accessed by going to "Terms of Use".

(3) Portal is maintained by HUNTING CLUB LTD, registered in the Republic of Latvia Register of Enterprises with reg. no. 40103261556.


(1) User profile registration on the Portal is free of charge.

(2) The basic functions of the Portal are free of charge.

(3) A Portal may provide additional functions, the use of which is a paid service.

(4) Each person can have only one registered user profile and each person before registration of a new profile has a duty to delete the old profile.

(5) By registering on the Portal, you agree to receive communication to the specified e-mail address.

User Obligations

(1) User must state in the profile only truthful information and must not provide misleading information. In case of infringements of the Regulations the Portal has the right to temporarily or permanently excluded the used from the Portal or delete the profile information.

(2) Portal users, communicating with each other, should be respectful and understanding. The following activities are in particular prohibited:

• to insult other users;

• being rude or intolerant;

• all illegal activities are prohibited;

• downloading computer viruses or other harmful software;

• spam, including sending chain letters;

• encouragement to racial hatred or other forms of discriminatory statements;

• false and unauthorized pretending to be the site administrator;

• distribution of e-mail addresses, telephone and / or fax numbers, if not otherwise specified;

• distribution of copyright materials;

• distribution of inappropriate and inadequate information, including text, images and videos.

(3) The site user is responsible for any information, which he/she has displayed or sent to other users.

(4) By putting any form of information, photos and videos in the Portal, the site user agrees to the publication of the material in the Portal, as well as certifies that the publishing rights of the respective material belong to the user.

(5) If any of the users notice that the regulations are violated, the user is obliged to notify immediately the Portal administration of the violation.

(6) During registration, the user must select and enter a password. User's responsibility is to keep the password secret and not to disclose it to other people. The Portal user must not reveal the password to the third parties. In setting the password, the user must choose a sufficiently secure one. The password safety level is the responsibility of the user.

Content rules

(1) The site user alone takes the responsibility for the inserted image or gallery.

(2) It is prohibited to publish pictures showing a nude person. In case of the infringements of the Portal regulations the administrator has the right to delete a picture, or in case of repeated misconduct, delete the user profile.

(3) In the user pictures or picture galleries other persons can be seen if the other party has agreed to the publication of the pictures. By downloading and publishing a picture showing other persons the user confirms that the other party has agreed that the images are used for the publication.

(4) It is prohibited to publish or download images or texts with the description of illegal hunting methods, or any other activities that are prohibited by the laws and regulations that are set in other countries.

(5) By adding the images to the Portal gallery, the user agrees that the pictures will be published on the Portal.

Rights and Obligations of Portal

(1) Portal provides all the functions of the Portal.

(2) The Portal has the right to close the site without previous notice.

(3) If the data stored on the Portal disappears due to software or other failure, the user does not have the right to request the data restoration. It is Portals free choice to choose whether and to what extent the data is restored.

(4) In case of any violation of the regulations the Portal has the right to delete any user profile, or restrict the user's access.


(1) Any kind of advertising that is not connected with hunting theme or not agreed by the Portal is prohibited.

(2) It is prohibited to use Portal contact information for promotional purposes, if advertising is not associated with hunting theme.

(3) It is prohibited to distribute spam, including sending chain letters, by using Portal’s e-mail.

Data protection

(1) Every action on the Portal is recorded. The Portal protects information that concerns users' personal data.


(1) The Portal draws attention to the fact that other Portal users can add images or other content for download that can be spread further. In this case, Portal cannot take any responsibility. Portal is not responsible and assumes no responsibility for users' illegal use of protected material.

(2) All intellectual property rights relating to the Portal are reserved solely by the Portal. In case of violation of these rights the guilty party will answer in accordance with the requirements set by the Law, and will be responsible for any loss suffered by the Portal.

(3) Any disputes relating to these Regulations that occur between the Portal and the users are settled by mutual negotiations. If an amicable solution fails, they are dealt with according to the legislation.


(1) Reproduction of articles and photos is a paid service. For the possibility of republishing the material found on the Portal, please contact the site administration: